Must-Have Amenities and Upgrades for Your Vacation Rental

Must-Have Amenities and Upgrades for Your Vacation Rental

With 35 miles of beach coastline and an average of 361 sunny days annually, investing in a Clearwater vacation rental is an intelligent decision. However, the competition is fierce, and you must find ways to make your rental stand out.

Adding vacation rental amenities and upgrades will entice guests to book your rental over others. Consider adding the most sought-after amenities to your vacation rental.

Reliable High-Speed Internet

While almost everyone has 5G service on their phone, it is still nice to have high-speed internet available for your guests to use while staying at your rental. It can make uploading pictures and videos, streaming, and doing anything online much easier.

When you list your property, mention that you offer complimentary Wi-Fi. You can justify a higher rental rate and maximize your profits by including desirable amenities like this one in your listings.

Well Supplied Kitchen

Help your guests feel at home when staying in your vacation rental by stocking the kitchen with the essentials. This means more than just a few plates and cups. Include pots, pans, cooking utensils, and plenty of flatware.

That way, guests can prepare meals at home before heading out to explore Clearwater. Without these extras, the kitchen in your vacation rental is essentially useless. The majority of guests are not going to buy a set of kitchen supplies just for a vacation.

Washer and Dryer

One of the best upgrades you can add to your Clearwater vacation rental is a washer and dryer. Your guests will appreciate being able to wash their saltwater and sand-laden beachwear before packing for home. This additional amenity presents a unique value for potential guests and can help make your vacation rental successful.

Beach Games and Toys

Most people come to Clearwater for a vacation because they want to go to the beach. Understanding what they need to do this will make attracting guests easier. Provide beach towels, chairs, an umbrella or pop-up tent, a cooler, sand toys, and games.

If your rental is near the beach, you could also provide the use of a golf cart. That way, your guests do not have to contend with the limited parking options along Clearwater Beach.

Complimentary Sun Preparedness Kit

It is a common mistake among vacationers in Florida. They are unprepared for the sun's intensity and significantly underestimate how quickly they will burn. Consider including a sun preparedness kit with your vacation property as a thoughtful gesture.

Your kit could include travel-sized containers of sunscreen and aloe. That way, guests can protect themselves from the sun and soothe their skin when they have had too much.

Vacation Rental Amenities and Upgrades

Adding vacation rental amenities and upgrades will increase your vacation property value. People are willing to pay more when they feel they are getting a deal for their money. Thoughtful amenities do more by enhancing your guest's experience to make it truly memorable.

When you work with PMI Clearwater, you have a team of experienced property managers working for you. Our experience can help you create an enticing property listing that showcases its many amenities.

Get more bookings and maximize your rental property profits when working with the experienced PMI Clearwater team.