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Here at PMI Clearwater, we work daily to optimize occupancy and daily rates for every property under our management. We operate on a commission-based model, aligning our success directly with the owner's revenue.

  • We consistently market the properties authentically, utilizing professional photography and detailed listing descriptions to meet guest expectations, ensuring a transparent experience.
  • Our involvement in this market allows us to see the property “has and needs” that will affect guest satisfaction. To achieve the best results, we always provide suggestions and recommendations for improvements.
  • We offer an exclusive interior design service to prepare and stage your property to be a successful vacation rental. If you’d like, we can collaborate to create the perfect vacation getaway.
  • We use a dynamic pricing and demand analysis platform to constantly stay updated about local market trends and maintain a competitive edge.
  • We promote listings on multiple platforms, to reach as many vacation travelers as possible. Our multi-channel strategy involves advertising on AirBNB, VRBO,, Expedia, Google Vacation Rentals and many more. These online travel agencies are not competitors, they are channels through which we increase visibility and attract more guests.
  • We additionally promote our properties on social media and our website, to connect with guests who prefer direct bookings. This scenario benefits both owners and guests, as it eliminates service fees charged by third-party agencies.

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Why Choose to Use a Property Manager for Marketing Your Vacation Property for Rent:


Property managers are experts in marketing vacation rentals and have the knowledge and experience to promote your property to potential guests effectively.

Time Savings

Marketing a vacation rental can take time, especially if you are unfamiliar with the most effective tactics and strategies. Using a property manager can free up your time to focus on other priorities.

Increased Occupancy

A property manager can help maximize occupancy rates by effectively promoting the property to a wide audience and efficiently managing bookings and inquiries. This can increase the financial return on your investment.

Professional Representation

Property managers can provide a professional and welcoming face for your property, helping to create a positive experience for guests and encouraging them to book a stay.

Access to Resources

Property managers often have access to resources and tools that can help to effectively promote your property, such as listings on popular vacation rental platforms and social media advertising.

Areas We Serve

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